Mª Vicenta Mestre Escrivá

Mª Vicenta Mestre Escrivá born in Oliva, 1956. Professor of Basic Psychology Department of Basic Psychology, Faculty of Psychology University of Valencia.

Graduated in Philosophy and Educational Sciences (1978), in the specialties of Psychology and Educational Sciences with an extraordinary degree award and a national award for the best scholarship holders. Doctor in Psychology (1981), with an extraordinary doctorate award.

Academic and teaching career.

Dr. Mestre has travelled practically all levels of the teaching career:

C-level teacher (1978-1984)

Associate Professor Hired (1984-1986)

Full university professor (1986-2001)

University professor (since 2001)

She teaches undergraduate and official master's degrees at the University of Valencia, as well as other Spanish and foreign universities.

Her teaching activity has been recognized with six five-year periods.

University management

In the field of university management, Dr. Mestre has known the different levels of university management, as well as the main areas of management.

Secretary of the Department of Basic Psychology Vice Dean of Infrastructure of the Faculty of Psychology (2001-2002)

Dean of the Faculty of Psychology (2002-2006)

Vice-Rector for Studies (2006-2010)

Vice-rector for Academic Planning and Teaching (2010-2015)

Vice-rector for Academic Planning, Teaching Staff and Sustainability (2015-2018)

Rector of the University of Valencia (since 2018)


Her scientific activity focuses on social inclusion and the quality of life of young people and adolescents.
As director of a research group, she has been a principal investigator of competitive projects, among which one project must be highlighted.

PROMETEO with the University of Missouri and CONICET of Buenos Aires.

It currently has in force:

Project ‘Violence and victimization in adolescence: the role of values’ (Plan Nacional I + D + i, PSI2016-78242-R);

PROMETEO Project on socio Socio-emotional and personal competence as prevention of maladaptive behavior ’(GVPROMETEOII2015-003).

She is the author of more than 160 articles in national and international magazines and 23 books and 49 book chapters.
She has directed 16 doctoral theses.

She is a member of the International Association of Applied Psychology, the Inter-American Psychological Society, the Board of Directors of the Anxiety and Stress Society and the Spanish Society for the History of Psychology.

Her research has been recognized with six-year terms of research.