Toni Benavent Clemente

Born in Alcudia in 1961. Producer, manager and cultural promoter. For almost thirty years, he has been professionally engaged in cultural work, especially performing and audiovisual arts. In 1975 he founded with a group of well-known La Colla Teatre, where he worked as an actor, set designer, director, producer and distributor.

From 1990 to 1996 the Moma Theater company directed by Carles Alfaro is part, where he is responsible for the production, promotion and management

In 1994, together with Carles Alberola, he founded Albena Produccions, being in charge of the management, promotion and distribution of his shows and audiovisual productions, until today.

It also collaborates with various companies and theater groups such as Trobairitz Theater, Bajopar Theater, La Cancha, La Tarumba, Olympia Metropolitana ...

With all these companies and groups, he has produced more than fifty shows, a dozen television series, several short films and a feature film. Works for which he has received more than twenty awards and recognitions, including several Max awards.

In the 90s, he participated in the creation of the National Coordinator of Alternative Rooms, being a member of the board of directors for four years. Founding member along with other companies of AVETID (Valencian Association of Theater, Dance and Circus Companies), of which he was president for a couple of years. In 1996 FAETEDA (State Federation of Theater and Dance Production Companies) was created, an entity that groups thirteen national groups with more than three hundred companies and theater venues. He is a founding member and president of this group for 10 years.

In 2002 he created, together with other professional companies, Tornaveu, a production and exhibition company that for seven years is in charge of the management and programming of the El Musical (TEM) theater in the city of Valencia, whose ownership corresponds to the City Council, trying out a facet of relationship public-private culture.

In 2004 he created, together with other professionals from the Performing Arts sector from all over the state, Gescenic, a company of which he was commercial director and member of the editorial board, dedicated to consulting, organizing events, courses, publications and seminars on management and stage production within the professional field.

He has also participated and coordinated various courses on stage management and production, tutoring the postgraduate course on stage management at the Esadib (Balearic Islands Higher School of Dramatic Art) under the University of the Balearic Islands. He has taught various management classes and lectures at ADEIT (Fundación Universidad Empresa), at the Diputación de Valencia (training of cultural managers), at the master of events for the school of tourism and protocol, at the Centro de Formación Profesional la Marxadella de Torrent, in the master of cultural management of the University of Barcelona, as well as in various meetings and seminars in the sector.

He has been a member of different juries of shows and theatrical texts: Mislata Theater Show, Eduardo Escalante from Valencia, the café theater circuit, the "Castell de Alaquàs" and, since its inception in 2002, member of the regional jury of the " Teatro Joven Buero Vallejo ”of the Coca Cola Foundation. He has been a member of the advisory council of the INAEM Ministry of Culture.

In 2013, together with other theater lovers, he created the Association.