The culture and values

How COTIF supports culture

Since the beginning of the COTIF we have always tried, in addition, for sport to generate synergies with the social and cultural world. The COTIF, in the social sphere, has tried to be a popular party, generating a meeting space, intense evenings in which the sporting spectacle is mixed with the gastronomic, with the playful, with the Mediterranean intensity of its summer nights.

Culturally, we have tried to take advantage of all our initiatives to enhance the creative and expressive side of human life. And, thus, our posters, our trophies, our insignia, our symbols, have summoned the pencil, the brush, the bronze or the stucco of first-rate artists, with the master Manuel Boix at the head. We have contributed by publishing books to publicize our history, the relationship of incredible footballers who have passed through the grass of the local stadium, the list of artists who have accompanied us. We have promoted exhibitions, conference cycles...

The COTIF wants to be a world of values on and off the playing fields. Of the best values that sport can bring to today's world.

This is why we decided to create the Good People COTIF Award. It is not an award for an outstanding player, a kid with qualities, an excellent referee, an outstanding coach ..., although any of them can get it. Although also any person linked to any sport, in any of its facets, who, in her career, strives to send a clear message to society: sport, in a deported society, can not only be a collector of leisure; we aspire to be a amity provider as well.