Andreu Salom Porta

Mayor of Alcudia since 2015. He was born in Alcudia on June 30, 1961.

He has a degree in Business Sciences from the University of Valencia. Between 1991 and 2003 he held the position of councilor for Finance and Personnel in the City of Alcudia.

Subsequently, he held the position of financial director at a major construction company based in Alcudia, a company where he became responsible for financial auditing.

Subsequently, he carried out the activity of manager of a rental management company located in Xatiba..

He was the general secretary of a tax office and a member of the board of the defunct financial institution Caixa Carlet at the time of the merger with Bancaja, the current Bankia..

He worked in a consultancy in Torrent, a company in which he is on forced leave to carry out the elected position of mayor. Linked to various organizations and associations of Alcudia such as the Sociedad Musical la Filharmónica Alcudiana of which he has been a partner for more than 30 years.

Member of the Bloc de Progrés Alcudia since its foundation in the 90s at the time he was a councilor of the city council.

He has been a member of the COTIF organization where he was responsible, for five years, for the treasury in 1988.