Good people COTIF award

  • The "GOOD PEOPLE COTIF PRIZE" is an initiative of the Organizing Committee of the Alcudia International Football Tournament, established in 1983 and promoter of Sports, Cultural, Social and Artistic initiatives throughout its existence.
  • The award will have a single modality and will reward, each year, a person or entity linked to the world of sports, in any of its specialties and in any of its aspects (social, informative, cultural or properly sports). The award will go to the person or entity in which, in the opinion of the jury, the civic, ethical and moral values contemplated in base 5 b of these rules concur.
  • It will be a condition for the reception of the GOOD PEOPLE COTIF AWARD that the person or entity chosen by the jury is in a position to pick it up at the public event that will be held each year around the celebration of the Alcudia International Football Tournament.
  • The GOOD PEOPLE COTIF AWARD is honorary and has no financial remuneration: the winner will receive a recognition sculpture, called GOOD PEOPLE, made by the artist Rafael Ferri Doménech. Said sculpture will be identical each year, except for the inscription that will make reference to the name of the person or entity awarded and the date of the corresponding edition.
  • The award aims to: a) Identify, recognize and support all those people or entities that have stood out for their contribution or dissemination of the positive values of sport, in all its diversity and in all its sociocultural spectrum. b) Strengthen the link between sport and human values, these being understood as those linked to the Declaration of Human Rights made by the UN in December 10, 1948 and to the list of Human Values made by UNHCR and recorded in its Human Values guide: what they mean and how important they are. The values of honesty, sensitivity, gratitude, humility, prudence, respect and responsibility are the septet that the award aims to see linked to sports and, therefore, to people related to this activity since any perspective.
  • The jury will be made up of 15 people, two of an institutional nature and thirteen creams: a) The COTIF president. b) The mayor of Alcudia c) And thirteen members called born (in this first edition will be formed by): Vicente del Bosque, María Vicenta Mestre Escrivà, Carlos Velasco Carballo, Ana Muñoz Merino, Alfredo Relaño, Patricia Campos Doménech , Iñaki Gabilondo, Ana Rose-. 25. ll Granados, Jorge Vilda, Salvador González ‘Voro’, Andreu Palop Cervera, Antoni Benavent Clemente and Francesc-Andreu Martínez Gallego, who will serve as secretary.
  • The institutional members of the COTIF will be renewed depending on the duration of the positions they occupy. The length of stay of the natural juries is voluntary. The removal of one of the natural members will imply its replacement by a new member, at the proposal of the rest of the juries and saving gender parity between the natural members of the jury.
  • The jury will work on the proposal and vote on applications through computer and / or face-to-face means and will meet face-to-face to make the GOOD PEOPLE COTIF AWARD effective.
  • Each of the members of the jury may submit up to three argued nominations for the Prize. The election will be made through two elimination votes. The objective of the first vote will be to create a group of three finalist candidates and that of the second, to establish the winner. In the event of a tie in the second phase, a third vote will be used. No prizes can be given, although the finalists will be considered, according to voting order, in the event that the first chosen person is not in a position to collect the prize.
  • The Award will be presented at a public event organized by the COTIF, on dates around the Alcudia International Football Tournament, and the ceremony will be attended by the members of the jury.